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A wordpress multisite plugin

Site Setup Wizard plugin allows all your multisite registered users to be able to create new sites using many options such as their site type, category, address, theme, plugins they want to activate, privacy and many more in form of steps. It can be used by placing a shortcode [site_setup_wizard] on any page. Site category and addresses are separated using a hyphen (-). For example in hr is a site category while benefits is site address. This helps in organizing sites efficiently.

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Users can select from the below options

  • Site Type
  • Site Category
  • Site Address
  • Site Title
  • Site Privacy
  • Site Admin's Email (Only allows for a registered user's email address to be used while creating a site)
  • Theme for your new site (Only displays Network Activated Themes)
  • Plugins to be activated

Current Features

  • Displays different Site Type and Site Category based on user role mapping if activated
  • Allows users to select theme for their new site
  • Integrates with WPMU Multisite Privacy Plugin to provide advanced privacy options
  • Integrates with WPMU Pretty Plugins to provide categorization of Plugins
  • Updates plugins list on installing/removing a plugin
  • Bans users except super admins to be able to create sites with a site category as the complete site url
  • Allows super admins to set banned site urls
  • Allows super admins to create categories which do not need to have any prefixes in site address
  • Provides Analytics of total sites created using this plugin based on the site type
  • Allows users to resume Site Setup Wizard steps if they did not finish all steps
  • Sends notification to users after creating a site
  • Allows super admins to configure text displayed on all steps
  • Allows super admins to decide whether user should be able to select privacy or not
  • Registers option 'nsd_ssw_site_type' with Site Type value for every site created
  • Registers option 'nsd_ssw_user_role' with Admin's User Role value from main site in newly created site's option table
  • Hide specific Themes or Plugins from the Wizard Steps.
  • Allows super admins to perform additional checks if required before displaying all steps to a user. (Using SSW Additional Checks Plugin)
  • Option to map wordpress user role with Site Setup Wizard user roles (Currently in beta)

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